I’m afraid to find out one day that I will never again feel the excitement of being in love; that euphoric feeling that comes with it; or how my heart skips a beat; or how I blush with the mention of the person that I’m in love with. I’m afraid that you left me with an irreparable heart.

Why do I always think that he is with some woman? I’m so paranoid it’s not even funny anymore. The thing is, I am not in the position to question him because who am I in his life? I am just some woman who he screws around with when he’s bored.

I’m not hoping anymore that we could be something more because if I do, I will just end up getting hurt. So, I am just here for fun - no expectations, nothing. This way it will not be painful on my part when you decide that I’m not worth your time anymore.

I was curious and at the same time felt a pang of jealousy who you’re spending your Sunday off with. I wanted to ask what you are doing going out of town but I refrained from asking and just replied, “Have fun!”.